Korbynn.NET and Korbynn Web Designs has created many websites for Clients over the years.

Do to customer requests, I have created a simple CMS that the customer can add/modify content once the site copy is in place. This empowers the website customer in that they can change parts of the website on their own without the need to come to me for changes that are needed/required.


Contracted Rate:

Currently I charge $40 per hour.


Ongoing contract:

www.certifiedorganic.bc.ca currently being freshed and making responsive.

www.aimeelaurenartworks.com - maintaining and created the artwork side of site.


Created and Hosting:

Based on current format - Using MVC on server side with Bootstrap/jQuery on client side using the current HTML5 and CSS3 web standards.



www.beachgroveproperties.com - Tappen, BC





Older formats:

www.jogarrard.com - Home decor.



www.rusartworks.com - about to be updated


www.tipsbazaar.com - one of my earliest attempts at internet marketing


Web Applications

Unit Manager

I created a web app that maintains the business for Mini/Self Storage Facilities. It is written using Bootstrap/jQuery on the client side with Laravel 3 on the server side.  This current version is a rewrite of the app created in 2003 using Microsoft .Net and Micrsoft Access Database. I had dumped the .net platform for php/mysql in favour of maintainablility and cost of upgrading.

If you are interested viewing in this web app, please fill in the contact form requesting Unit Manager access.


GOGOBox Business backend

I coded a business backend for the GOGOBox product line. This enabled GOGOBox to maintain billing for box rentals.  Business and boxes are for sale.



jogarrard.com has an extensive backend to maintain product and other aspects of the business.